As a traveler, we make travel plans continuously in various countries. It is never enough, every time we want more and more: days travelling, places to visit, people to meet. But Also, we must try to take care of us, of our own safety and personal comfort. So here’s the official top of the countries where the peace rules and the criminality is almost missing. More, these are so beautiful countries, you’ll never get bored even if you’ll go there for an entire month!

Vision of Humanity is monitoring the states of the world and ranks them according to 23 specific criteria, among which murder, use of weapons, political relations and, of course, terrorism.

Which are the safest countries?

10th place belongs to the impressive Slovenia! If you want a trip into nature, Slovenia deserves your choice for its beauties. Walk through the Capital Ljubljana or Bled, a famous village for the amazing view of the lake.

9th place is occupied by Japan. When I think of travelling to Japan, it comes into my mind the sakura, the cherry flowering show. Oh, and let’s not forget to get lost in Tokyo! 🙂

Canada is on the 8th place. And it’s great that, according to the newest agreement with EU, we no longer need visas! I wrote here what you can visit in Canada.

Switzerland remains on the 7th place. I’ll summarize it in a fairytale: medieval castles, snow-covered peaks of the Alps, chic towns, Lake Lugano and Rhine -, the largest waterfall in Europe!

6th place goes to the Czech Republic. Hmmm … classical music, bohemian atmosphere and beer in Prague! Can’t wait!

On the 5th place we have Portugal, a country that impressed me so much with its people, food, prices, landscapes! And now I miss it so much! Take a tour of Lisbon, Porto and Braga, then relax in Algarve and Madeira!

New Zealand is ranked 4. Located at the end of the earth, but it deserves your effort! Even for the house of Bilbo Baggins! Or for the whales! And penguins! And volcanic mountains! And paragliding! Geysers and 30 meters! Ah, and for those beautiful landscapes with cows and meadow flowers and mountains in the back! Sweet dreams, now on my personal travel list!

3, Austria. Shhhh, Mozart’s music it’s played in a cafe! Vienna Schönbrunn… medieval burgs, wild, natural landscape, the Grossglocker road, ice caves and ski resorts. You know what to choose first? Me neither!

2nd place for the fourth year in a row is claimed by Denmark. On my list to do I put the top Tivoli Castle and Shakespeare. And the kid in my soul wants to see Lego Museum, too! 🙂

And for the sixth year, the first prize goes to Iceland! Sincerely, a greater desire to visit it came since I saw UEFA European Championship, where Iceland’s team stunned by its performance. Well, it’s not related to tourism, I know. But my ideas came from everywhere!

Personally, I’m thinking about a 10 days tour, to have time to see the capital Reykjavik, the volcano and geysers, and waterfalls, and the aurora borealis, and those strange rocks. Hmm…do I have time?

The most dangerous countries in the world

I am so sorry for them because many could have a touristic potential for the most adventurous of us if it had not been war. So, avoid:

  1. Syria
  2. South Sudan
  3. Iraq
  4. Afghanistan
  5. Somalia
  6. Yemen
  7. Central African Republic
  8. Ukraine
  9. Sudan
  10. Libya

There are more countries with some problems so I, as a girl, avoid travelling alone. Among these are Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, India, Saudi Arabia.




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