I always taught it is important not only see the world, but also be a stylish traveler. Every little detail could make you feel better. Obviously, you need to be aware of our own comfort and wellbeing. And these years, step by step, I discovered accessories and devices that now I can’t travel without. And some others I can’t wait to test!

I’ve never found these things put together, with a link where I can see or buy them. So I made a list for you, traveler!


Brilliant headphones

Not any kind of headphones. When I slept on the plane/bus with my classic headphones in my ears, I woke up because one earphone fell out. Now I discovered some sports headphones and I think their inventor is a genius! They have a part that you can put over your ear and done! Your headphones won’t fall out regardless of your sleeping position. I found them here and I wrote about them here.

Trendy travel pillow (classic)

There are some moments when it’s a real torture carrying your plush travel pillow then you have a lot of buses to change and a 20 kilos backpack. I know. Been there, done that. So, the best way you can comfortably sleep and travel light is to choose an inflatable pillow. And, just to be on trend, you can buy one that will make you a queen/king of travelling. Take a look here and here.

Travel pillow (for experts)

Do you visit places by day and travel by night? You need some extra comfort and coziness to charge your amazing batteries then. I found this inflatable pillow!


Folding Trolley

I think everyone has big problems with the free space. So there’s the suitcase that can be folded. When your suitcase it’s empty, you can pack it and put it easily under your bed!

Wardrobe Suitcase

This invention just saved our lives! Have you seen this?

Luggage cover

Protect your trolley with the coolest cover in the world. Not only prevents that your luggage getting dirty on transfers, but also protects it from rain or snow. And the best part is that you can choose yours from hundreds of patterns! Start your research here!

Travel Bags

When you pack your stuff, it is better that you sort them. It’s an easier way to find them at your destination and then, put them pack very quickly. So, I saw that a set of storage bags are very useful.

Acts organizer

It’s better have all your documents in another place than your wallet. So, you can put together your passport, ID, medical insurance, plane tickets and visa documents! Look, a cool organizer!


SD Card

Do you have a DSLR and want some great photos? And you are tired of having 2-3-4 SD cards with you? I have a great news! You have a 512GB SD card available for your camera! Enough space for your amazing shots!

Tip: do not use a microSD+adaptor for your camera. It’s safer use directly a SD card!

Power bank

When the road is long, the smartphone’s battery life is so short! So never leave without a power bank. And make your life easier, choose one bigger, of 20.000 mAh.

Car charger

If you plan a road trip with your friends, it’s unpleasant stay in line to charge your phone at the same cable, where your GPS must be connected. So, I recommend you to have a car charger with 2 or 3 USB ports, without cable. It will make your life easier.

Phone ring

There’s a ring you can stick on your phone to keep it safe during your great adventures! Obviously, you can choose from classic ones or crazy ones.

Universal Adaptor

When you leave you continent, you can’t even realize how important it is to have one handy. Choose one that includes all types of plugs!

Selfie Stick

Useless? Too Big? Doesn’t fit in your purse? Never underestimate the utility of a good selfie stick – a multifunctional one! There are also some with flashlight 😀


Travel Tag

Personalize your suitcase with a travel tag! It’s trendy and useful – easier to find it at the airport!

Travel Watch

I must admit that I love this kind of accessories everyone admires! 🙂 Especially, this type of watches!

Passport cover

Your passport full of visas must be protected with a fashion cover! I found mine!

Scratch Map

Do you want to have a map on your wall and also see where you have travelled? Ta-daaam!


Body Wallet

If you go to unsafe zones, where the thieves are unavoidable, you should have a hidden wallet that the thieves won’t „detect”.

Belt Wallet

Also, there’s a much comfortable version of wallet, that you could use as  belt.

Waterproof bag

If you want to go swim and you are alone and afraid of letting your things on the beach, keep them with you!

Backpack locker

When you are in very crowded places, it is difficult to feel if someone opens the zipper of your backpack. So, it’s a good idea to put a locker on your zipper, the thieves won’t waste time and won’t risk being noticed trying to open your backpack.

What travel accessories do you have? Help me keep this list updated!

*the links in this article are only a suggestion for you, to see how each thing mentioned looks like.

**to see the source of the photos, click the links. There you can have more details about that product.



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