As travelers, we won’t stop our passion at plans and tours and number of visited countries. We make from travelling a real lifestyle. So, I want to share with you some useful and cool sites where you can find a little bit more inspiration.


You have the money and you can take some days off from work whenever you like? Are you hunting an offer somewhere by the sea, an exotic destination or a relaxing tour?

Keep an eye on HolidayPirates to get the best deals!


You want to book a flight and you don’t know to where? It’s easy! Select your destination, when you want to go, your budget and you’ll see all the destination available according to your criteria! Now explore the world!

Accommodation, an experience

Are you tired of booking and want a more local feeling? Here’s a kind of Airbnb, but at the next level. You put your room online for others and you stay in other’s rooms, anywhere in the world. At the cheapest price. Check it now!

Your place. Forever!

So many memories, experiences, emotions, and even lessons. You just want to cry because you miss that place so much. No problem, you can have it always with you. How? On a customized bracelet!

Memories…from strangers

The travelers’ community is so big you just can’t imagine. And one of the hobbies it offers is collecting postcards. Did you know that you can have a postcard from anywhere in the world?


Don’t worry, dear, we all have this problem sometimes when we are planning to go and can’t decide where to go first, what to choose from that long list of priority destinations. So let the faith decide for you. I have the perfect plan here: a mystery flight at a fixed price! Do you dare?

Everything in one place

Going somewhere and you don’t have time for a proper documentation? Or do you have a seven hours layover? Beyond flights, accommodation and transportation, you can find the top attraction in an area you can cover in few hours. Also, you can make some tours entering different destinations and save your trip.  Try it!

How much?

Want to move abroad or simply find out the cost of living in one city or country? Meet the world’s largest database with information including the costs for meals, food in supermarkets, transportation, utilities,  etc. More, you can compare all the data between cities. It is really helpful when you plan your vacation on a budget!

Flights archive

If you want to have a list of your flight with details such as date, distance, carriers, you must sign up on OpenFlights!



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