Tanger was my first adventurous experience. Without going with a travel agency or an organized group, I went there with a friend because we found cheap plane tickets. And yes, I will remember that weekend from May 2013 for the rest of my life!

First hour in Tanger

The adventure began as we had landed with the taxi to the hostel. That ride scared me so much, I refused to get into a taxi the entire weekend! The driver left us at the big gate of Medina. With a map of that devious streets, I felt like Super Mario: passing through the unknown to conquer my room. My paid room!

Medina is that king of Old City that is made up to protect against invaders and against the scorching sun in the summer. So, the sunshine arrives on the streets only 2 hours at midday. The taxi let us at the big gate of entering in Medina. That moment I felt like a time traveler: returning in 1993 in my country, Romania: crowdy, dirty, noisy and full of cheap jacks.

We were tourists and anyone could see this. So, different men tried to ”let me be your guide”, especially when we obviously were lost in that city with no-way-out streets. It was very complicated to get to the hostel, although we had a map from the airport.

Want to know more of this crazy adventure? I wrote about Tanger on travelicious.world and you can read all the article and see the photos here:

Tanger: a board between different cultures in Morocco




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