Well, if you want to find out where comes from the most diverse, delicious and expensive chocolate, forget about Switzerland and go in Belgium!

When I discovered the Chocolate Museum I was so happy, I forget about any other „important” place I had to visit! Because I consider there is not a bigger fan of chocolate than me. Just to be clear, I enjoy a 100 g bar of chocolate every day. Otherwise, I feel like I’m gonna pass out 🙂

The paradise of chocolate

Learning the history of chocolate from the beginning, it can be really relaxing and fun. For this, I went to the Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat din Grand-Place, Rue de la Tete d’Or, Brussels. Here, I started to read the evolution of cocoa from the Mayans and Aztecs until present days. I saw how the cocoa beans become chocolate. Lastly, I continued to the presentation of special dishes for serving chocolate. Incredible!

With only two rooms of exhibits of objects and posters with information, the tour does not last too long. The most interesting part comes afterward when in the museum’s kitchen a chocolatier makes a delicious demonstration! He shows the unbelievable crafting of chocolate pralines and of less common forms like a teddy bear of  Mikey Mouse.

A complicated process

The Chocolatier and his assistant make pralines in front of the public while explaining the process and telling us the secret of this handicraft:  the temperatures.

The perfect forms come from the temperature the chocolate has when you model it. So, each type of chocolate – white / with milk / black, has a perfect temperature so the result can be simply perfect!

Therefore, the products made that way reach the most famous chocolatiers: Neuhaus, Côte d’Or, Godiva, Leonidas or Jacques. And yes, there are little corners of paradise!

Finally, before you leave the museum, there is a chocolate fountain that will move all your senses. Your guide will give you a cracker soaked in that sweet delicious chocolate cream!

Appetizing pictures

Museum of Chocolate in Brussels, a tasty experience

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