I passed by Trier many years ago and it remained in my mind as one of most interesting places I’ve ever been to. A 2000 years old Roman city, which gained a powerful French influence, now is the oldest city in Germany.

The old Citadel of Trier has a glorious past. Built in the year 16 BC, it became a big commercial center and then, at the end of the 3rd Century, it was a second Rome of the Roman Empire.

A world Heritage Site

Testimonies of Roman culture were preserved impeccably over time and all of them are included in UNESCO. All of them are worth your time, as they represent a foray into Roman history, culture and design.

Porta Nigra – is the symbol of the city and the largest Roman city gate in the area. The name was given by the dark color of the stone. Today it is open to the public, so you can enjoy a beautiful view from the upper floors!
The Roman Bridge over Moselle River is the oldest preserved bridge in the entire Germany and it is still used!
The Amphitheater – is now only a round area between massive walls.
Igel Column – has 23 meters and it’s fully decorated. It is crowned by the statues of Jupiter and Ganymede.
Barbara Baths – the largest Roman baths of this part of Europe. Only the foundations are preserved.
Imperial Baths – were considered the 3rd largest Baths in the Roman world. The ruins of the walls still show the original design.
Basilica of Constantine or Aula Palatina is a huge antique palace built by the Emperor Constantine. It is a wonder of antiquity because, given its big dimensions (67m length, 26m width, 33m height) it doesn’t have columns!
Cathedral of St. Peter – is the oldest cathedral in the country. It preserved the traces of architectural styles dominant over time.
Church of Our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche) – it is the earliest Gothic church in the country. Its incredible details will still amaze you.

Spend your time in style

The first thing I remember there is the sound of the bells from the Main Market, a place with a medieval architecture. The melody touched me with its thin and clear tinkles. Stay a while there,  drink a coffee on the terrace and wait for the little show to begin!

Apart from all the history, you’ll find here,  Trier has still more to show you. For example, you can visit the Toy Museum, suitable for both children and adults.

Or, maybe you want to see Karl Marx House, today a museum which exhibits Marx’s career and personal life.

If you want to find more about the Roman culture, you have here one of the most important museums dedicated to them: Rheinisches Landesmuseum.

Sincerely, I preferred to spend time taking photos of the beautiful Electoral Palace and its gardens. The building built in rococo style is bonded to the old Roman basilica.

And if you love architecture and styles, go straight to the Roscheider Hof, an ethnological open-air museum.

Consider also spending some time at the Fell Exhibition Slate Mine, near Tier! There you’ll find two mines, one above the other.


Trier, a Roman city with a French beauty

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