What needs a traveler for a special occasion? Obviously, a trip! So, this year, I spent my birthday in Milan, with my friends.

Me and my friends arrived on Friday night and left Sunday. We had a full day to meet the city, but this was not enough, so I can’t wait to come back here, to explore more beauties of this incredible sprightly city.

I split the day in two: in the morning we visited the Old City Center and, after lunch, Sforzesco Castle.

Duomo, the symbol of Milan

We knew we had little time to visit. So, our first stop was the stunning Duomo. Obviously, we decided we would stay in line for ticket especially for the terraces of the Cathedral.

Once I got inside, I realized the immensity of the construction. It is so impressive, you could stay in front of the columns, looking at the stained glasses and drop a tear for all the greatness there.

After that, we climbed the stairs to the terrace. Here is the place from where you can see the whole city. This is the place that will change you forever the opinion about the Cathedral. Now you can understand why it took 60 years to finish it! Each pillar that rises to the sky has a statue at the top. And all decorations are handmade. And I don’t have any idea how they put them, at that height!
The most impressive is Madonnina, a huge bronze statue painted in gold. You can admire it better in the Cathedral, where a copy is placed.

The Dome of Milan is the biggest cathedral in Italy, bigger than Sagrada Familia, too!

From the terrace, we went to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, another impressive piece of architecture. Once, here were streets. Now, they are covered in arcades of steel and glass, meeting in a beautiful dome.

Another place I liked was the Sanctuary of San Bernardino alle Ossa. By the way, it is one of the most interesting attractions in Milan (named by TripAdvistor in 2015).
Don’t forget to visit Piazza dei Mercanti! Take a walk around Palazzo Reale, too! And if you want to enter, is better to buy tour tickets online. Then, you still must have patience…

Then, take Via Dante to Sforzesco. And stop there for shopping and gelato!


Sforzesco, a fairytale castle

Sforzesco was build in the 15th century and it served as the residence of the dukes of Italy.

Today is one of the greatest citadels of Europe.

It is the shelter for nine museums, which you can visit for only 5 euros. Or for free between 16:30-17:30.
If you pass that huge yard, you arrive at Sempione Park. Here, you’ll find the White Tower, a panoramic place of 108 meters high. It is open to the public for 5 euros. The elevator is the only way to get up there!
If you stay more and want to see more, I recommend you Milano Card for free public transport and some discounts to the main attractions of the city.

A day in pictures

Milan, a good idea for my birthday

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