The sight of houses and buildings perfectly integrated into the rocks will remain in my mind forever. I remember sitting at a belvedere point, near the Constitutional Court, from where I could admire the whole old city. That was my first stop there, just a few steps away from the car I got out of. It was something so strange but at the same time so beautiful, a mix that was previously unknown to me!

Among the smallest & among the most powerful countries

Luxembourg, also known as Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is one of the smallest countries in Europe. It covers a surface of 2586 km² – the same size as Reunion Island. But it’s also one of the richest countries on the continent, its economy is mostly represented by the banking system (which is very well developed), telecommunication system and air transport.

One-day trip in the Ville

The city has so many places to offer, that it can be difficult when one has to choose where to set the starting point for sightseeing. And that is because everything is an attraction there. Let me give just one example: as I was visiting the Place de la Constitution in the city center, I saw a green touristic train passing by, but it was not a regular train…it had wheels. It was only 9 euros for an hour guided tour, so I went to the starting point. I thought it was the best way to see those beautiful streets and buildings inside the old fortress of Luxembourg.

I saw Montée de Clausen, Sacre Coeur Church, passed by the Passerelle, I admired Cite Judiciaire. We also passed near Adolphe Bridge, a special construction that became an unofficial symbol of the city and one of the most visited objectives in the country. Then we continued by visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Monument of Remembrance, and the Casemates de la Petrusse. 

Also, from the Place de la Constitution I saw the most unrealistic-looking park. It was so perfect, that you could have serious doubts that the grass and flowers are real – but they were!

The Notre Dame Cathedral, a Gothic building with Renaissance elements, is certainly a special place to visit. It had its foundation laid in 1613 and was finished in 1938. It is the only cathedral in Luxembourg and it was a Jesuit church.

Also, take your time to visit The Bock, the natural fortification of the city. Close to it you’ll find The Grand Ducal Palace.

Luxembourg-Ville, a gorgeous mix between old and modern

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