Bucharest is my home. Here I studied, I made friends… I grew up and now is the place where I’m developing a career. Although I haven’t decided yet if I love this city for its monuments of architecture, interesting night life and relaxing parks. Or I hate it because of the traffic jam, gray blocks of flats and garbage located on the outskirts.

I discovered Bucharest for the first time like a tourist when a very good friend, Anthony, came here from USA in 2014.  I made a tour for him and we visited places I’ve only heard about! After three days, he was so impressed! Now, I like to be a guide for anyone who is visiting it.

A city of contrasts

Bucharest is a city that changes at every step, without warning you. From small and cramped streets to big and green parks, where you do not hear the traffic anymore; from the huge communist buildings to small beautiful interbelic houses; from crowded boulevards to nice and quiet places; from poor neighborhoods to the most imposing malls. But you’ll get used to it!

I wrote about my city and the most important and stunning objectives on travelicious.world . If you want to read more and see some beautiful photos, click here.

Bucharest, the capital of contrasts

Bucharest, a post-communist capital, is definitely worth visiting

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