I’m not at all a fearful person and I thought that no adventure park could impress me to the point that it makes me want to return over and over again. Moreover, I was sure that nothing could raise my adrenaline so much that it scares me. What a lovely feeling! Unfortunately, I discovered this place a little bit late – in 2013.

A day with my friends

When me and my friends agreed to meet in front of the park at 10.00 am, I was pretty sure that we’ll go home around 13.00 pm. What could one do there more than a few hours? But I soon discovered a world that completely captivated me. First, we got into a round boat, called Rapids, without wearing our raincoats. We saw that some people who had finished their race were not wet. So we thought that it was unnecessary to wear them. But when you put too much faith in something it can have its drawbacks… After a cool rafting ride, oh…we ended up staying in the sun for a couple of hours in order to have our clothes dry.

Then, we chose to try Vertigo, a Montagne-rouse full of spectacular curves. From the ground, it seemed a tempered race, but when I finished the 400 meters ride I was so dizzy!

Next, we went to the Virtual Simulator, the most interesting thing I saw and tries. There was a short movie with a crazy man in a car that was causing crashes on purpose. After a while, our seats started to move so strongly that we had to put our seatbelt on. Plus: our 3D glasses made everything seem so real!

Take a break?

After that, we thought we must choose something smoother, in order to have a break from the constant adrenaline rush. We went to a „familiar” attraction, called TNT the Mine Train. When we got to it, surprise: it was a 17.5m high roller coaster that reached 55 km/h! Of course, we tried it too!

We remained in the area that we got to know just to find something chill before moving on to the craziest machines in the park. So, we found The Jungle – a trip by boat passing through…a jungle! But every jungle has its dangers to look after. We saw aboriginal communities, gorillas, elephants, monkeys. And we heard Tarzan screaming!

Let’s go crazy!

In that area, there are about ten machines that will freak you out! If you can’t live the moment without thinking of all the dangers or if you have heart problems, do not try any of those!

I tried all of them and I recommend you the following ones: 

·  The Abysm – it’s a crazy roller coaster, where you can have moments in which you don’t figure out where the sky is and where the ground is. I completed the ride three times, and I can tell you it’s great! 

·  The Star Flyer – consisting of some flying seats that spin at 80 meters in the air. You can admire the entire city from there!

·  The Tarantula – a roller coaster that has a 4-seat platform with movable axis. This means spins of 360°!

·  The Tornado – I love this one! It is an upside-down Montagne-rouse with many loops. The speed reaches 80km/h! Attention: leave your shoes on the ground before the ride! 🙂

·  The Shuttle – where you feel the free fall from 63 meters, with a speed of 80km/h…for 2 seconds. So I tried it 4 times. It is like a small sensation of floating! 

Before we left the park, at around 20.00 pm, we took the Zeppelin ride, a slow park tour from a 10 meters altitude. And this is how we got to spend a full day in the Adventure Park.

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