If you spend few days in Alicante and you want to go to the beach, I recommend you the perfect place for that: Playa de San Juan. It’s not far from the city, precisely no more than 30 minutes driving, and it has the finest sand I’ve ever seen. 

When I arrived in Alicante, the beach was overcrowded with people of all ages and education, with many kids screaming and vendors trying to sell us things. So we headed north to find a quiet patch of beach. All I wanted was to hear the wind and sound of the waves.

Absolutely relaxing

I did not know about San Juan Beach but my cousin did, so we went there. When we stepped on the sand, I could not believe my eyes and my senses: such cream-colored sand and so soft to my feet! And, at last, I got to feel the smell of the sea and salt (in Alicante was smelling of donuts).

I had the feeling that I had all the sand in the world to spread my towel. There were few people on the beach. No bars, restaurants or other ”facilities” on the beach – you must go on the front street for all these. In some points, there were sun beds and umbrellas to rent.

7 kilometers of Paradise

The San Juan Beach spans over seven kilometers, between El Campello and Cabo de las Huertas. Wherever you go, you feel like in Heaven! When I discovered the beach, I came back for the next three days that ended up lasting my entire holiday. The breeze was perfect, the sand incredibly clean, the waves moderate and the sea was warm and looked like it was painted in shades of blue. 

I enjoyed the dive into the sea, which was very calm. This is pure happiness for people who don’t know how to swim! Oups! 🙂

A little bit of adventure

On San Juan Beach you will find areas for various sports like beach volleyball courts and mini soccer goals. And of course, you can do water sports like wind surfing or water skiing.

San Juan, the beach with the finest sand in Alicante

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