Hello, I’m Corina!

But my friends usually call me Cory. Nice to meet you and welcome to Educated by Travelling! Do you want to know some things about me?

Let’s get to know each other better

I was born in Bucharest, the Capital of Romania. I don’t know if you have heard about this little country in Eastern Europe, but I know how to make you figure out where this is: more precisely, Dracula (yes, the vampire) is my neighbor! 🙂

I’m a positive person, with a lot of energy to share! I love the heat, green tall mountains, fine sand and the crystal clear skies. I’m such a dreamer Libra, every day optimistic and determined to do stuff…crazy stuff!

Since I was a kid, I became fond of writing stories and poems. This passion followed me through the years. I had all the necessary assets to grow more and more curious, ambitious and bold, so I decided to go to the Faculty of Journalism. Then I continued my studies in Communication Sciences in Spain. Coincidentally or not, Madrid has become a second home for me, and Spain – the country of my soul.

From writing to travelling

My other big passion is travelling. And by this I mean not just the fact of going on a holiday, but also doing my best to learn, interact with people and cultures, visit museums, get lost on some city’s streets. I like to make plans like a real traveler. I like to visit also “non-touristic” places. Besides, I am always curious to try the food recommended by locals, and that is why I always try to avoid to eat at a touristic restaurant in the center. I love to travel „in depth”. I love to catch on camera every moment that stands out, being able to return from a one week tour with 5000+ frames of the piece of world I visit. Even so, I will always be a fan of that kind of photos „me at…” 🙂

Why a travel blog?

For me, travelling has become a lifestyle. An enriching experience that changes me forever with every country visited, every city explored, every objective learned, and every step walked into a new place. I grow on the inside, I see new horizons and I become better with every trip.

As you probably know, it’s not that easy to travel when you are a girl (especially if you want to travel alone), when you have a job and just 21 days of holiday per year. Also, trips aren’t free, unfortunately – says the passionate traveller in me. So, even if I travelled a lot, I know that it’s not enough. And, most probably, it never will be.

These being said, I’m here to share all my travelling experiences with you and hopefully give you the impulse and the happiness of it. It is like a microbe – you get infected for a lifetime and then, you just live for travelling!

Get Educated by Travelling:

Check the stories, facts and social or historical backgrounds from the destinations I visited so far!

Europe: Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Vatican, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark

Africa: Morocco

Asia: Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Qatar, Israel, Jordan

North America – United States: New York, Washington DC, Niagara

Future plans? OF COURSE, here are just a few:

2018-2019:  Hungary, Norway, Brazil, Argentina, Zanzibar, Austria, Montenegro, Croatia

You can read my travel articles on:

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