Being here, SEA Aquarium Sentosa was the second thing to do on my list after Marina Bay. I could not miss what was, until 2014, the largest Marine Park in the world. Then, the Chinese made a bigger one! ?

S.E.A. (South East Asia) Aquarium leaves you speechless from the entrance: the sharks are sending you a warm “Welcome!” from a huge tunnel. I think I spent a quarter of an hour looking at the fiery immense creatures, although I could cross the area in a minute!

100,000 creatures in 50 habitats

Inside, I’ve discovered all the 49 marine habitats which are the most important ocean areas in the world. Among these, I found the Bay of Bengal, the Java Sea, the Persian Gulf, East Africa, the China Sea and the Red Sea. No, my Black Sea wasn’t there!

Species? They are proud of over 800, totaling 100,000 creatures living in 45 million liters of water. The truth is I have seen some real strange things of which I did not know about their existence: sea dragons, blue crabs, spider crabs, all sorts of weird shells and Nautilus pompilius – a damn ugly mollusk-fish, you can see it below, in a photo. Then, I admired the beautiful stingrays that seemed to fly through the water, the hammer shark, Dory and Nemo among hundreds of well-colored fish, starfish, phosphorescent jellyfish and other rare marine creatures.

Open Ocean

The “Open Ocean” is an area that makes you feel as if you were at the bottom of the ocean. The glass of the aquarium is really huge and it was in the Guinness Book of Records (again, until the Chinese built one): 37 x 8 meters! Sharks, stingrays and scary Caribbean predators walked to the astonishment of tourists. In addition, there is a corridor leading to the Ocean Dome, a round space surrounded by windows and a glass ceiling. You can sit for hours on one of those architraves to see how stingrays “smile” when they come to you.

Lesson about the Dolphins

At fixed hours, a dolphin lesson is being held at the aquarium. A diver goes into their huge pool, comes to the window and shows everything the presenter in the room tells us. He also answers the questions, but everyone is so fascinated that can’t take the eyes from the window.


Touch me!

Before leaving the huge aquarium, there is an area dedicated to those who have enjoyed watching and want more. You do not have this the opportunity many times, so do not miss it! Under the supervision of an employee, you can touch on different creatures from a specially designed aquarium. I chose only the sea star, which has a very rigid “skin”. It looks like a stone-ponce!


The Sentosa Marine Park also includes the Adventure Cove Waterpark. It has three areas:

Amusement Park – with rooster coasters, slides, pipes and other water fun.
Immersive Experience – snorkeling amongst the reefs and swimming with sea cats
Children’s area – with secure playgrounds.
Plus: Dolphin back
In Sentosa, not part of Marine Life Park, there is the Dolphin Island. There you can swim with them!

S.E.A. Aquarium Sentosa in photos

Enjoy and put this lens on your list, it’s worth it!


SEA Aquarium din Sentosa, ex-cel mai mare acvariu din lume

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