Bangkok, one of the capital with the most tourists in the world, is a very crowded and chaotic city. Sincerely, it did not impress me so much, because I had some very high expectations. This was due to its fame and its own advertising. Even so, I enjoyed a lot some particular things and activities and I had a great time there.  I created a list for all of you who want to visit Thailand’s capital.

Bangkok Must-Dos

1. Put coins in the metal vases at Reclining Buddha Temple

2. Drive on the suspended highways.

3. Try the Thai massage! Choose a place far from the city center and make sure the masseur understands you want the soft version of the massage! You’ll love it!

4. Take a ride with the boat just to admire the city!

5. Feed the huge fishes from Chao Phraya River!

6. Buy something from the sellers in the floating market.

7. Meet the guard at the Royal Palace!

8. Get a ride with a tuk-tuk!

9. Climb the Golden Mount and make some noise! 🙂

10. Eat some barbecues from the street, even though you have no idea what kind of meat it is! It’s delicious! After you eat, you’ll know!

11. Enjoy the fresh fruits!

12. Visit Flowers Market.

13. Go on Khao San Street and take a photo of the bugs! Especially cooked for tourists! 🙂

14. Eat coconut ice cream. It has an interesting, fresh and unique taste!

15. Try to count the Buddha statues in the Wat Pho Temple 🙂

16. Go to the Royal Palace, and spend an entire day there just to admire amazing architecture details!

17. Have some fun at Wat Arun and dress like a traditional Thai woman! That thing on the head is very heavy!

18. Do you like the night views and good cocktails? Go to Sirocco Sky Bar, the tourists’ favorite place!

19. Try the fermented fish. But do not think about smell it before, please!

20. Eat your dinner in the street!



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