You cannot decide if you want to relax or have fun? I know a place where you can do both: stay in the sun like a lizard, enjoying the hot fine sand and having some travel adventures you’ll remember many years!

Kérkyra or Corfu, as many know it, is a large island in the Ionian Sea, in the West of Greece. Beyond its natural beauty, this place stands out through its history and mythology. More, the old city of Corfu became a UNESCO World Heritage Site – you definitely have a lot to explore!

Maybe this is why Corfu became a popular destination among the tourists from all Europe.

An energizing experience

Some years ago, I stayed in Corfu nine days and it was not enough. I returned home without being tanned because I had just two days to stay on the beach. In the other days, I preferred to go on the cruise, explore the Old City, enjoy the nightlife, taste the local food, visit the fortresses or gardens, find out the legends of the temples and interact with the locals, who are very hospitable people.

Now, knowing that there are so many to do, I would stay two weeks. I would start with two days of sunbathing and I would end my holiday the same way.

So much to see

First, I recommend you a cruise to see the stunning blue waters of the region. And visit the little islands! You can also do snorkeling or scuba diving!

Take your time to visit the Old City of Corfu and its surroundings. It is impressive and you don’t wanna miss a single detail! You’ll see the Italian, English, French, Russian and – obviously – Greek  influences.

  • Go to the 15th century Old Fortress
  • Then visit the New Fortress
  • Visit Spianada Square
  • Stop at The Liston, a Venetian place with terraces and cafes
  • Don’t forget about the Palace of St. Michael and St. George where you’ll see the Asian Art Museum
  • Enter the beautiful church of Saint-Spyridon, the symbol of the city, built in the 1580s.
  • Dionysios Solomos Museum – a memorial house dedicated to the Greek poet
  • Paleopolis Archeological Site waits for you! The entrance is free and you can have a relaxing walk through the olive trees while seeing the Eufemia Monastery, Olt Theatre, Tito Palace, The byzantine Church and Mon Repos villa. Here it is located the museum of the Site where the ruins are exposed.
  • Let the Achilleion last, because you’ll spend some time here. Empress Elizabeth of Austria (also known as Sisi) built this summer residence, not far from the city of Corfu. The location is unique because it offers a nice panoramic view of the city. The entire palace was dedicated to Achilles and now it is a museum of art due to its paintings, architecture, statues and landscape.

Sun and sea

For me, the most astonishing beach is Paleokastritsa. The area has 6 bays, each one of a different shadow of blue or green. Take a ride with the Yellow Submarine and then drink a coffee at the terrace Bella Vista. You’ll want to stay there a lifetime!

I also discovered the most suitable beach for the people who doesn’t know to swim! Issos Beach is famous for the locals. If you haven’t been here before, it is difficult to find because is hides behind a forest and the access road is narrow. But once you get here, you’ll enjoy the fine sand and the water. It is impossible to drown. You can walk away one kilometer to the sea and the water will barely touch your hips.

Tip: There are many cruises if you want to explore the rocks of Corfu, with its strange caves.

More to do…

Yes, there are more places to visit on this island. The most appreciated ones are:

  • Mirtiotissa – a mirific quiet beach
  • Diapondia Islands – a wild area with few inhabitants. Here you can have privacy, but you do not have many restaurants or places for accommodation.
  • Pelekas – is a small village on a mountain. You can climb at the ruins of Kaiser and watch from there a 360* panorama of the island.
  • Kerasia beach is a beautiful bay where you can swim
  • Aghios Gordis – the second most appreciated beach after Paleocastritsa. Stay here and watch the sunset!
  • The Love Channel – is a piece of art nature created in the rocky cliffs.
  • Pantokratoras mountain stands there for the hiking lovers! It represents the highest point of the island, 911 m. Visit the villages there. You must know that at the base of the mountain there is a small abandoned village, with ancient houses, named Palia Perithia. Maybe you wanna feel that strange sensation walking among the houses, alone.
  • Vlacherna Monastery – a little and nice sacred place. Here, the airplanes can annoy you 🙂

For easier access to most of these places, rent a scooter.

Corfu in some pictures

The Achilleion

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