In a beautiful and quite wild area, close to the center of Romania and not so far from the Capital city, Bucharest, a unique waterfall is hidden, well-guarded in the mountains.

I used to stop by in this amazingly attractive area every summer back in my childhood, as it was close to where my uncles lived. I knew the Seven Stairs Canyon before it became a must-see tourist place. Back then, the stairs leading to it were so old and insecure that one could not pass the canyon of the waterfall. 

An impressive canyon

A few years ago, the metal stairs edging the stones along the waterfall were rebuilt. At the same time, the longest zipline in Romania was opened there.

Climbing the canyon is so exciting, you could not believe it. Every metal stair follows each fall of the water. There are seven falls between the stones, from where the name of the waterfall comes. The third stair is the tallest. At that point, if the water debit is high, you will need a raincoat. When I passed, it was a hot summer day and it was so refreshing! When you reach the top, you will have climbed 58 meters high through a 160 meters route.

To the top of the mountain

The route to the Piatra Mare Chalet and the top of the mountain passes through this gorgeous canyon. So, you can climb up to the chalet, but this could take an hour and a half. There you will find the four friendly donkeys who will certainly want to kiss you. Me and my friends have dozens of photos with them!

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The landscape is so special and you can admire the city of Brașov from above. If you can climb for another one hour and a half from that point, you’ll reach the top of the mountain Piatra Mare (The Big Stone).

Attention: when you go down the route, it is forbidden to enter the canyon! It’s dangerous to get out afterward, so there is a path which bypasses the place. 

Let’s have fun!

Once you have completed the downhill route from the canyon, you’ll find the zipline. I strongly recommend that you don’t miss it! It is the longest zipline in the country: 2.100 meters!

Before enjoying the line, you must do complete a training session with an instructor who will explain you everything you need to know.

My adrenaline started rushing like crazy once I got there: I went from a wire to another, I passed footbridges 20 meters above the ground, I went down from trees and from high stairs. I walked through the forest, I crossed over the trees on the Şipoaiei Valley until I reached the last wire. At the end, I just thought to go back and do it all over again!

Seven Stairs Canyon, a place that you can’t forget

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