For four days and four nights, Cluj Napoca has turned into a magical realm for all lovers of fun and good music coming not only from all over Romania but also from all over the world.

The third chapter of the story seemed much shorter than the previous ones, thanks to the tenths of successful campaigns and activities in the festival, the cheerfulness, and the best lineup Untold Festival ever had.

Let’s have fun

People of all ages have entered the gates of the festival: from the smallest fan I met, a few months old child (protected with special helmets) to adults over 60 years old. And no, do not rush to judge. Some parents were very responsible, some less. But they were all extremely happy. I swear that so much joy I have not seen anywhere else until now. Millions of sincere smiles, screams of joy that were heard to the other side of Cluj city, so many parents who danced on the stadium with their children, so many couples over 50 who did not forget to have fun together. Other millions of kisses, thousands of new friends, people who met their other half and some proposals completed the Untold story. ?

Foreigners impressed by Untold and Romania, too

The third edition of the festival had so much success among the foreigners, who came here either through recommendations from Romanian friends or convinced by friends who had been here or … by chance. Some people came here because they knew that Romania was a very cheap country, others had heard of Untold and were curious to see what it is like to be here. Some were visiting Romania and were lucky enough to find some more tickets. I liked that they were really amazed by how friendly the Romanians are, by the festival itself which is now comparable to any international festival and by the time they had in such a beautiful and clean city. They enjoyed and jumped with everyone in the stadium. They socialized. They drank the beer that still seemed cheap to them (2 euro – a little expensive for Romania). They ate shaorma and fornetti.

Foreigners came with their flags, which they proudly waved in the festival area. You could recognize them easily. What flags did I see? Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Israel, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, United Kingdom, Morocco, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Algeria, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway. And I know there were more. They returned home with the Untold flag (the Romanian flag with the Untold logo on the yellow area), which I hope they’ll bring to the festival the following year.

I estimate that 20% of the participating audience was from outside the country. But I’m waiting for the official data.

The artists, astonished

The artists who performed on the main stage during the four days were so enthusiastic about what happened there. Some were just waiting to come back, others were eager to perform on the Untold scene because they’ve seen the madness and happiness here on the social networks of the artist who played before.

“I am so excited to have a chance to be on the stage of UNTOLD festival. I am for the first time in Romania, but I’ve heard from many artists that the festival is incredible and the public in Romania is very warm, “ said.

“UNTOLD is one of my favorite festivals. The fans here have a beautiful madness and every time they receive me so good. I am always amazed by the incredibly large number of fans I find here, ” Hardwell said.

Untold Festival Romania! ??

O postare distribuită de Hardwell (@hardwell) pe

“It’s incredible how welcome I am, every time. At all the festivals I attend, the fans receive me great, but the UNTOLD audience has something special and I can not wait every year in August to come to Cluj, “ Lost Frequencies said.

“It’s a pure madness that happens every time I get on the stage of the UNTOLD festival. It is incredible how much positive energy I receive from the public and fans in Romania. I can not wait to come back, ” said Tinie Tempah, who wore the t-shirt of the national football team of Romania on the stage.

“It is the best festival of the year for us and wherever we go we tell all the artists we meet that there is one of the best festivals in the world in Romania, in Cluj. It’s incredibly beautiful what’s going on here! ” said Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano.

WOW! NO WORDS for your love and energy @untoldfestival..One of the best shows of the year. Much love!! ??❤️?? [?:@tomdoms]

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“It’s amazing what’s going on here. All the great artists told me throughout the year that the best festival is in Romania and I was so curious and anxious to get here. For me and for many other artists, UNTOLD is the world’s finest and best festival, ” said Steve Aoki, who prolonged his show for another hour in addition to what was set.

#aokijump #797. The ? Kolony Jump. Cluj-Napoca, Romania ?? August 7, 2017.

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“You are the world’s greatest audience and I’m not saying that a lot. You are incredible! “, said Afrojack.

“I missed you so much!” shouted Martin Garrix as went onto the stage. And during the concert, he admitted that he is extremely impressed that the world is still with him (during a torrential rain).

Last night was one of the most magical, amazing, craziest shows I’ve ever played. Thank you Romania ❤️

O postare distribuită de Martin Garrix (@martingarrix) pe

And Armin van Buuren, the most expected artist of the edition, said at 8 am in the Romanian: “România, te iubesc!” (Romania, I love you!”)

Also on the main stage performed Ellie Golding, Dillon Francis, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Don Diablo, Example & DJ Wire, John Newman and Marshmello, who also showed their appreciation and astonishment.

Security in the foreground

Untold was the place where I felt safe. Thousands of police officers, armed gendarmerie men patrolling, everyone’s identity card was put on the access bracelet (so the participants were no longer anonymous), the access ways closed when the concerts reached the maximum capacity (Galaxy and Cluj Arena) for everyone’s safety. Thumbs up!

A festival and some wonderful things

Untold Festival put Romania on the international map and many people have heard about Romania on this occasion.

Many people with disabilities have not forgotten that their life is beautiful and they also came, in wheelchairs or on crutches, helped by friends. They come here to enjoy music.

The city’s revenue is immense during this festival. Merchants, hoteliers, taxi companies, RATCs, restaurants, etc. will benefit after that. All this means VAT and budget that goes to the local government. That means that many investments will come and the festival’s place will be better each year.

The sponsors of the festival have done countless donation campaigns for several disadvantaged groups.

Untold organizers have made the people more responsible with the Pay with Blood campaign. Hundreds of people have donated blood filling the storage space of the Cluj Transfusion Center. The campaign will be repeated 4-5 times a year. The people who donate receive a 4 day pass at Untold.

The Bac de 10 campaign has made thousands of high-school students accountable. They were supposed to learn and obtain the maximum grade at the high school graduation exam for a free ticket at Untold or substantial discounts.

Organizers of Untold Festival promoted Dracula’s Land through the Transylvania All Inclusive program, a campaign developed in partnership with the National Tourism Authority.  So the foreigners had a touristic pack to see the central region of Romania.

The humanitarian campaign for the Children’s Hospital in Cluj was launched – “In the absence of appropriate and timely treatments, but also because of hospital infections, children with cancer in Romania have 2 times less chance of living than those in Western countries. UNTOLD and the Bursa de Fericire want to increase the chances of healing of the children at the Children’s Hospital in Cluj-Napoca, investing in sterile rooms. The project is estimated at over EUR 100,000 and the works are planned for 2018. Festival fans have the opportunity to get involved in this campaign and by donating to the bank account of the Association Dăruieşte Viaţa: RO90INGB0000999903330756, opened at ING Bank România, until 31 March 2018. ”

See you next year!

Untold, o poveste nespus de frumoasă

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